What is Snowbike at Copenhill

Snowbiking is an alternative to skiing.
It's like riding a bike downhill. Those who have ridden down a mountain on a mountain bike will find the same feeling on a snowbike.
But you will also be able to experience the same feeling you have on skis, carving down the slope or making small turns.

Who can ride a Snowbike?

Most people can learn to snowbike in an hour. It doesn't matter if you've skied before.
If you can ride a bike, you can also ride a snowbike.
It is for both older children and adults.
But it doesn't exclude people with arm and leg defects, mobility problems, or if you have sclerosis or a bad heart from being able to snowbike.
Our motto is "Everyone can join in"
We mean it!

The best view in town.

CopenHill is Copenhagen's epicenter for urban mountain sports. Here the whole family can be active together on skis, running or hiking shoes or on the climbing wall.
We motivate our guests to be active together. We do this because we know that when people are active together, they take home more than just the experience. We want to be the place where families spend time together, where friendships are formed, where students have a free space, and where everyone in Copenhagen comes to relax, exercise or have fun together.
CopenHill is a unique opportunity to enjoy activities at a level and altitude that until now has not been possible in the city. We are also a publicly accessible recreation area with café, restaurant, music and classic afterskiing atmosphere.

Everyone can join in

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Rent a Snowbike at Copenhill

If you are up for it, you can rent snowbikes at the ski shop and try your hand at snowbiking. It is certainly not impossible.
In the ski shop at Copenhill is a QR code to a video that gives the basic instructions on how to ride a snowbike.
You can also find the code here. Or watch the video by clicking here.

Events at Copenhill

We do events for both private and corporate clients.
As a rule, an event contains:
- 2 hours ski time / lift pass
- Compulsory insurance
- Boots and helmet
- snowbike
- Instruction in riding a snowbike.
The price for 4 persons is DKK. 3600,-
For each additional person the price is DKK 890 per person.

If you want to know more, write to us.

Snowbike school at Copenhill

The Snowbike school, gives you the opportunity to rent Snowbike in the Alps.

To rent a snowbike in the Alps, you need a snowbike licence.
You can get it at Copenhill.
It requires booking an instructor with us and going through the program to acquire a Snowbike license.

The course includes:
- The different driving techniques
- Brake and reverse exercises
- Introduction to chairlift and cabin lift
- Plate lift exercises
The course costs for min. 2 persons DKK. 2500,-
The price includes:
- Course
- 2 hours ski time / lift pass
- Compulsory insurance
- Boots and helmet
- snowbike

Meet our great partners

Everyone can join in

Who is Brenter Snowbike

The Brenter family is from the small town of Oberndorf north of Salzburg. Engelbert Brenter developed the first snowbike under the name of a Sitski, which was patented on March 10, 1949, Patent No. 2790. It has since been developed into the Snowbikes we know today from Brenter.

Unfortunately, they have only been a rare guest on the slopes in the Alps, as for a number of years skiing and snowboarding were not allowed in the Alps. But with the huge success of introducing Snowbikes in the USA in the 90s, in all these years they have not had one accident caused by a Snowbike. As a result, about 5 years ago, the Alps were opened up to Snowbiking again.

Brenter Snowbike Denmark was founded because Carsten Villumsen is passionate about snowbiking.

Carsten has been skiing since he was 6 years old, but in 2002 he had a nasty motorcycle accident that has made him unable to ski with the 34% handicap he has.

Carsten had seen a Snowbike in Lademanns Sportsleksikon at the age of twelve and has had it in mind ever since, that one day he had to try riding a Snowbike, because it looked like fun! When skiing was no longer an option, it became a reality to get out and ride a snowbike, because then he could continue to go on skiing holidays with his family and friends and actively participate despite his disability. It has since evolved to where we are today. With CopenHill it was obvious that Snowbikes should be on the hill, as it makes it possible for everyone to participate and that was the starting point for Brenter Snowbike Denmark and is now the distributor for Denmark and Southern Sweden.

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